That's how I treat every event I have ever participated in.
I'm a firm believer that in every audience sits at least one person for whom it will be an unforgettable night. That alone makes even the smallest show my number one priority, and I make every effort to create the most beautiful, flawless and magical atmosphere possible...

I've always said that lighting a children's puppet show is just as important as lighting the largest concerts, and one of the most rewarding shows I ever lit proved this to be true. A bus drivers' labor dispute once prevented local schools from making it to our theatre to attend a performance (a wonderful duo of puppeteers), so we took a selection of gear to a local school to bring the show to the kids. With no budget for extra man-power, it proved to be an immense undertaking. Myself and two others barely pulled it off, but pull it off we did, and we couldn't have been better compensated!

Once the little ones filled the makeshift theatre we had created in their school gym, the lights went down, and I turned on a single, small beam of light. Using their bare hands, the puppeteers created a tiny woman walking across the top of a small box. The combined beauty of this wonderful little creation with the glowing looks on all of the amazed, small faces watching is still the most rewarding reaction to any event that I've ever lit!